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the infinity rack

the room was entirely off white. off white that never looks clean or bright. flickering flouresent light.

thick glasses obscured the lecturers face and a chunky faux wood podium obscured his body. a powerpoint with an unfortunate background color was blending perfectly into the wall making it impossible to read. heads bobbed in and out of sleep as others played on their phones.

the self concious voice mumbles finally, "we're calling it the infinity rack, and are now open to your questions."

that lady who always sits up front imidiatly and obnoxiously asks, "what does it do again?" her voioce is so unpleasant and unessisarily high that it wakes up most the sleepers in the class. people begin sitting up as the speaker quietly and humbly responds.

"it uses quantum beer technology to supply a never ending 12 pack."

whispers dround out the sound of the obnoxious ladies affirmation to this news. everyone is audibly confused how they missed that the presentation was about beer.

further in the back - someone who typically doesn't ask questions speaks up "how does quantum beer technology work?"

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