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an interview

inside a rented conference room a man meets with a staffing agent for an interview.

Interviewer: we are looking for a candidate that can put their head up their own ass.

Man: literally? Or just figurativly.?

Interviewer: figurativly

Man: how do you mean?

Interviewer: well we just make a job post and people find us - we don't literally look for anyone.

Man: what could be the benefit to that?

Interviewer: it saves us time.

Man: by having people who can put their head in their ass?

Interviewer: no, by not looking for people.

Man: but why do you want people who can do that to begin with?

Interviewer: it saves us time and money on training if the candidates already know how.

Man: I mean, why would you want your employees to be able to put their head up their ass at all?

Interviewer: oh. I don't have a definitive answer for that - it's just a part of my job description.

Man: I don't have any experience with that, I don't think I've ever had my head up my own ass.

Interviewer: how about someone else's?

Man: well i toss my girlfriend's salad some nights.

Interviewer:. That's good, we like people who think outside the box.

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