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a fable

a father tells his child over the morning table "tonight i will explain the birds and the bees, because you are old enough and every child should know such things." while the father works the curious child sets out to learn first hand about birds and bees to impress the father that night.

the child aproaches a bee hive by the river and calls out "may i ask what is important about you and also birds?" The bees were busy with work but the queen emerged from her nest to respond "bees work hard, make great hives and sweet honey. because of us flowers can spread their pollen and make seeds. without us there would be no flowers or sweet things in the world. birds eat bees and attack our nests. they are the worst thing for the world" at this the queen proudly retreated into the hive.

while considering what the queen said the child climbed an oak tree until reaching the crows nest. once there asking the crow "what makes birds and bees important"

the crow laughed and cocked it's head to the side several times before answering. "birds travel long distances and see many things. birds eat berries and fruits and spread seeds. without us there would be no plants or fun in the world. if you get close to a bee they will sting you. they are the worst thing in the world." then the crow flapped his wings and took off.

the child wondered how birds and bees could bring so much good yet be considered the worst by each other. as the sunsets the child sits waiting for father to return from work. greeting him first chance. the child tells his father of everything learned that day listening to the birds and bees. he guesses that we need both birds and bees but wonders why they are so different.

this upsets the father who had put much though into what he would say to the child. losing his temper the father yells at the child "if birds and bees are so smart why don't they raise you" with that he banishes the child from family ground.

in the rain that night the child cries to the sky "Why could I not let good things come with time?"

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