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let's talk about a scientist, we'll call him a neurologist. with his brain he studies brains in an attempt to make some sense of it. he perceives what he sees, and writes papers for all to read. let's say he declares his vantage as a definitive reality and institutionalizes his papers as ultimate authority. did he describe the way it is - or just what it could be?

old money wrote me a check on a scroll of papyrus, exavatted by holy knights from the temple of iris so many zeros i unrolled five feet just to sign it. delivered by a forign mute on the back of a lion, sealed with gold melted down from the purse of orion.

this address is the intersection of utter shit and pure mathematics. authored from a digital pyramid hidden in ye olde internet. crafted using bits of data transcribed from ancient summerian texts. bound by code blocks both unfathomably long and impossibly complex. the event-horizon of any logic or comprehendible context.

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