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lauren was tired and nervous. She hated confession and had always avoided it. it felt like her last words had stolen the life and energy from her as they left her lips. somehow she felt better though - as if she had cleaned a wound that would begin the healing process finally. still, she anxiously fidgeted in her seat knowing it was the priest's turn to talk. afraid of what he might say she fixed her gaze on a small ceramic figure located towards the front of his desk.

"we all have our faults. no one is perfect." the priest warmly replied, then after a pause and with a bit more distance he added, "i've been working my way through a bit of a temper problem lately. no one escapes sin"

Lauren didn't know how to respond - although she knew he was trying to comfort her so she smiled weakly waiting for him to continue.

leaning forward across the desk the priest had a sharper tone to his voice. not loud, just sharp. pronouncing everything in a particularly short way. "just the other week - i was invited to a BBQ at one of our member's houses. i won't say which one as I don't want to speak ill of a fellow follower. either way, they had hamburgers but no buns. just white bread to use for buns. regular bread. can you believe that?"

lauren wasn't sure if she was meant to answer or if this was a parable of sorts. After a moments hesitation she offered, "it's the same thing really - still as good. buns are just a name they give some bread."

the priest slamed his hand on the desk hard enough to rattle the ceramic statue that held Laurens gaze earlier. "they are not the same" the priest erupted. His next words came slower. "a bun is made specifically for a hamburger - a piece of bread is just a flat piece of bread. how can anyone say they are the same thing."

lauren was still tired and feeling exposed from her confession - now she was confused and uncomfortable over the response. she didn't have an idea what to say so she quietly asks "if that's all father - i should return to my family."

the priest pauses with an undeniable look of disgust on his face. "im sorry" he says finally. "i should not have lost my temper, may we both work towards lessening the burden of our sins. have a nice evening Lauren"

as a shaken lauren closes the door the priest fixes the ceramic statue on his desk mumbling "bread is for sandwiches."

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