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Inside of a large corporate warehouse a man, his supervisor and their boss handle business


man: i've an idea.

supervisor: isn't that above your pay grade?

man: maybe you could have it for me?

supervisor: Is it a racist idea?

man: What? No, Why would it?

supervisor: When people aren't racist they say it.

man: I don't understand.

supervisor: Before you say something you need to say that you don't judge a person by their skin-color, race or religion.

man: I'm not rascist. I don't judge people by their skin-color, race or religion, but i've an idea.

supervisor: That's better but I still think it is above your pay grade.

man: I don't judge anyone by their skin-color, race or religion but maybe you could have it for me?

supervisor: You only need to say it once, calm down. Also I don't want to be the one who makes that decision. I'll ask the boss and see what he thinks.


supervisor: Hello sir. I don't judge any person by their skin-color , race or religion - but we have an employee who was thinking about having an idea and i wanted to know what you thought.

boss: Isn't that above his paygrade?

supervisor: It is, and thats why he wants me to ask you.

boss: Well, what is he thinking about thinking about?

supervisor: I'm not sure sir. I wanted to check with you first.

boss: Is the idea rascist?

supervisor: He said he wasn't rascist before he said anything else sir.

boss: That's smart. You can never be too safe. That's why I'm worried about this idea though. I wish we knew more about it. It seems risky to hear something we know so little about. Maybe ask him to solidify his idea a little better before we consider it.

supervisor: That seems best sir.

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